Your inner voice speaks to you

Jan 10, 2022

It frightens me, but I want to write. Write every day of my life.

I will not hide my desire to live in another place.

I need a break. Time to figure it out. Don’t rush me!!!

My dream is to open my shop of jewelry with recycled materials.

I’m tired of my neighborhood not being interested in saving the planet.

Your unique perspective, your particular way of life, your originality, your inner voice, those are treasures only you can give the world.    


Give yourself fifteen minutes with all the courage and vulnerability in your fibers. No one has the answer to what is your fire but yourself.


  1. Read the questions. Pick the one that resonates better with you.


 What I am dying to share? 

What do I want to tell the world?

Which desire makes my heart tremble?


  1. Put the timer on for 15 minutes with a low volume.
  2. Look for a place without interruptions. Sit still, comfortable, with your spine straight.
  3. Breathe. Do a series of breaths. 
    1. Breathe with the diaphragm by expanding the base of the ribs and belly on your inhale and contracting them back in on your exhale. If you feel lightheaded, please stop immediately.
    2. Inhale with your nose for 4 seconds. Exhale with your mouth for 6 seconds.
  4. Close your eyes. Do nothing. Just be in silence with yourself to ponder the question.
  5. Breath normally and ask yourself the question you choose one time and again.
  6. Let your inner voice respond. Listen.
  7. Distracted? Be gentle with yourself, come back to your breathing, and ask the question one more time. 
  8. When the timer goes off. Calmly open your eyes.
  9. Did you discover something? Write it down or draw it! Everything you like.


You can do this exercise the number of times that feel right for you.


For the finale, 

 1. Put the music in the background

 2. Read and re-read Jericho Brown’s poem.

Now, I have a voice. Entered, I am lit.  

Remember me for this sprouting fire,

For the lash of flaming tongues that lick

But do not swallow my leaves, my flimsy

Branches. No ash behind, I burn to bloom. 

I am not consumed. I am not consumed.

The fire within you lies dormant. Waiting for you to let it be. 

Let us be in awe of you, LUAN. 

We’ve built a playground for you to express yourself creatively. LUAN’s New Year’s gift is a graphic quest with a bold invitation: show us your fire! Find something authentic to share and place it in any format that you can digitally or physically turn in: collage, image, drawing, poem, sound, music; you name it. This initiative aims to form a massive collaborative art exhibit, and you may contribute anonymously.

What would it take for you to Show Your Fire?