The Power of Creation

artists be creative creation creativity how to imagine how to unleash creativity imagine storytelling Apr 26, 2023

Once upon a time, in a world not so different from ours, a group of individuals believed that the process of creating was far more important than the result. They believed that the innate ability of humans to imagine and feel emotions did the act of creating so special.

These individuals were artists, writers, musicians, and poets who had dedicated their lives to their craft. They knew that the result was important, but for them, the journey was just as important as the destination.

One day, a young artist joined their group. She was talented and had a unique perspective on the world. She had always been told that the result was the most important thing, and she had worked hard to perfect her craft.

But as she spent time with these individuals, she began to see things differently. She watched as they poured their hearts into their work, enjoying every moment. They didn't worry about the result; they let themselves be carried away by their imagination and emotions.

The young artist began to understand the power of creation. She saw that creating was not just about making something beautiful but about expressing oneself and connecting with others.

And so, she began to develop a new perspective. She let herself be carried away by her imagination and emotions and enjoyed every moment of the process. 

In the end, the young artist became one of the most respected members of the group. Her work was beautiful and unique, but more importantly, it reflected who she was. She had learned that the power of creation was not just in the result but in the process itself.

And so, the group of individuals continued to create, each in their unique way. They knew that the act of creating was what made them human, and they cherished it above all else.


In the flow of creation, 

I find my peace and joy. 

The journey is the treasure, 

and the result is just a toy.

I revel in the process, 

Letting my heart guide my hand. 

I've found my true expression, 

And that's where I take my stand.

No longer do I worry, 

About the result in sight. 

In creating, 

I've found my source of light.

So I'll continue to create, 

With passion and with pride. 

For the power of creation, 

Is where I truly reside.