‘Show Your Fire’ Artist showcase - Lily Santurtun

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"Emotion is the starting point of every great innovation."

 - Clayton Christensen

They are the starting point of thoughts, choices, innovation, and creativity. 

In every individual's life, their life events would impact many decisions. 

Ever wondered how artists keep their creations coming out and being so inspired most of the time? It is because they seek inspiration from the things around them. They don't need earth-moving moments, but the small stuff would get their emotions bowling up. 

But how to do it? Be in the present, open your senses, and breathe in…………………….. and out.

At LUAN, we have an ongoing art project called "Show Your Fire," where anyone can submit their artwork in any tangible medium. The art should reflect their inner voice, story, or anything they wish to transmit to the world. You can visit the gallery and the interactive story through this link www.showyourfire.com.

We had one submission from a Mexican-based artist Lily Santurtun who works with ceramics and mosaics.

Presenting you "Freedom" by Lily Santurtun.

About her artwork, Lily says, 

“The reason for this art piece is some dreams I had about birds that could not fly for different causes.

The first dream is: I was coming down from a mountain, and I saw muddy birds on the floor. They were trying to fly, but they couldn't because of the mud. I took care not to step on them. My feelings were surprised at finding muddy birds and concerned for them.

At the time of this dream, I was stuck in a relationship that did not allow me to be myself. A few months later, I got out of this situation; then, I had some dreams in which birds were outside a cage that did not fly; they remained on the floor. “At least they were out of the cage,” I thought. It took me a long time to dream of flying birds.

Since the first dream, I have started working on birds in a ceramic workshop. Sometimes, this activity was frustrating because the wings broke; other times, the birds seemed to fly, although I continued working on them. Then, I had a dream in which a bird flew; it made me feel surprised and at peace. Then I told myself, “it’s done.” Well, it had to do with healing the past life and becoming my new one… as an artist.

This experience inspired me to make this mosaic of birds, coming out from the cage and flying.”

And BOOM! 

From a dream, here is a beautiful creation going hand in hand with Lily's life moments. 

Manifest! Be present! Create! 

We briefly discussed with Lily, and she answered a few fire questions!

  1. What is Art for you? - Soul's expression
  2. Favorite author - Joseph Campbell
  3. A bit of advice that changed your life - Nothing is forever 
  4. The best quality in humans - Imagination
  5. A book that you recommend - El Viejo Roth by Juan Galván Paulin
  6. What feeds your soul? - Love
  7. The most pressing issue for humanity - Selfishness 
  8. If humans agree, you will be pleased - Cooperation
  9. What would you like to scream to the whole world? - Peace, please!
  10. What is it that you have lived and that no one could miss experiencing - Create art.


We are sharing some tips on how to get inspiration from our dreams.

Dreams are like metaphors. They need to be remembered, analyzed, and interpreted.

  1. Dreams are mostly symbolic and sometimes mean the opposite things. Go with your intuition and the emotion it evokes.
  2. Keep a notepad beside your bed and write down the dream as soon as you remember it.
  3. Take them into action! Relate the dreams with your life moments and try to visualize them.
  4. Whatever can be your medium! Bring them to life!

Let's tap into our subconscious!

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