Sometimes I see nobody. Much less speak to anybody.

compassion illustration loneliness mindfulness reflection stories stories before answers take care of yourself videos Apr 04, 2022

It is my loyal fellow

Days at my store can be sometimes very quiet

Sometimes I see nobody. Much less speak to anybody.


I do not know what I would do without my radio.

Despite the years, it still works like the first day.


We grew older together knowing the meaning of hard work,

and we know very well that the day when we will remain silent will come.


While listening to it, solitude dies down.

Sometimes, it tells me stories that make me cry, 

but I always learn new lessons

without caring if I laugh or feel indignation.

Or even when we enjoy together that music which for so many years has come along with us.

I always found it when I need its presence the most


And when I got the luck of someone joining me 

we can be listening quietly

or we can talk about what the radio waves share with us.


When I close my eyes and listen,

time passes by on waves that go away reverberating.

At least I know, it will join me tomorrow.

Do you feel like this?

Is there anybody here?


LUAN, seeing you.


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