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“Feeling lost, crazy and desperate belongs to a good life as much as optimism, certainty and reason.”Alain de Botton

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The Book of Beautiful Questions: The Powerful Questions That Will Help You Decide, Create, Connect, and Lead

When confronted with almost any demanding situation, the act of questioning can help guide us to smart decisions. By asking questions, we can analyze, learn, and move forward in the face of uncertainty. But "questionologist" Warren Berger says that the questions must be the right ones; the ones that cut to the heart of complexity or enable us to see an old problem in a fresh way.

Every Day Is a Poem: Find Clarity, Feel Relief, and See Beauty in Every Moment

How do we deal with the heaviness of everyday living? When we are surrounded by uncertainty, distrust, and destruction, how do we sift through the chaos and enjoy being alive?



What you are feeling and why: Two distinct types of emotional clarity

The first, type awareness, refers to the extent to which people typically can identify and distinguish the types of emotions they experience. The second, source awareness, refers to the extent to which people typically know the causes of their emotions.



Clarity in art

As an editor of GalleryViewer I was asked to compile my own collection around a theme of my choice and immediately I thought of "clarity". I think that there are relatively many Dutch artists whose work I would describe as "clear". In a typical Dutch way. On the other hand, foreign artists whose work can also be defined as "clear", but in a completely different way. By 'clear' I mean a certain directness, unaffectedness, simplicity, a feeling of 'it is what it is'. Yet, behind that cool surface can be a whole world, naturalness (found materials and objects), a small gesture, a colour or expression, e.g. a sound, that leaves a trace in your head.

I have selected 10 artworks that I associate with "clarity" for various reasons. With each work I will explain what I think that clarity is in. Don't pin me down. It is just a feeling I experience when I look at it. Maybe you experience it very differently. That does not matter. Everything clear?




A four-step process


LUAN, gladly unfinished.



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