You need an active solitude time

activity exercise mindfulness questions reflection solitude take care of yourself videos youtube Feb 28, 2022

There are some things, some bits of wisdom, we apparently know, but we forget, or in the hustle of life, we are not aware we don't care enough. 


Everything in our surroundings maybe is screaming our attention or nagging us to rush and 'do something,' but, deep down, we know that changing our minds and caring for our hearts implies solitude, time, and patience.


So we propose to you a reflective activity. Be generous with yourself and dedicate time to write and feel.


Step 1. Have at hand your journal or some paper, pencil, or colors.


Step 2. Here is our 'Wisdom in 30 seconds' playlist. Play one video. If you want, replay the times that fit you.


Step 3. Related to your life. Notice how these things are making you think and feel. Write them down.


You can use the acronym W.W.W. (this comes from the journalist Catherine Price):

  • What for?: why do you need to hear this? How does this relate to your purpose or focus?
  • Why now?: why is it important to you to think about this?
  • What else?: how can you go further in the thoughts and feelings that arise from this? which opportunities you can implement?


Step 4. If you want to you can relate your conclusions with art. Choose a painting, a piece of music, a photograph to relate your thoughts and feelings with this artwork. Display it in your favorite space.


Step 5. Repeat the same exercise with another video!



Tip: You can do this exercise in complete silence, with your favorite playlist in the background or you can try our ‘relaxation music’ playlist.



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