Let’s slow down

Dec 29, 2021

Life has a way of speeding up. Our technological advances have vanished the distances we used to travel. We are instantly connected to people, ideas, content, culture all around the globe without moving anything but our fingers. 


Let’s agree that efficiency has risen. The logical consequence of using less effort to achieve the same result gives us more free time. Right? We no longer have to walk three miles, up and down, to fetch water. We don’t need to go to the bank often; almost anything can be delivered to your door in big cities. How much time have we saved not getting lost thanks to GPS technology? How come, then, we feel more in a hurry than ever? 

Urgency is a very modern feeling, and we could boldly explore its addictive allure. It seems the faster we deliver the results, the quicker we can get out of the line, the more satisfaction we feel, even triumph. Is this something we learned from somebody else? Or is this get-it-faster momentum a result of something more profound, like fear?


All this information we gather, all this Instagram we consume, feeds our self-worth or our self-dissatisfaction? Could comparison play a role in urgency? Are competition and competence being mixed and matched? There are so many realities colliding, and we can access so many of them in a heartbeat.  


Expectation has also risen; what was once an option feels like a social obligation. Not only should a woman be a mother, but also an entrepreneur and a self-reliant creator. We demand a strong academic background and a constant loving presence with family. Have possibilities become demands? Are we asking too much of ourselves, leading to depletion, stress, even resentment? 


We want to do everything as fast as possible, we demand hours of effort from ourselves, we run from one place to another to make it “on time,” we fill up our agendas trying to make “the most of it.” Where are we trying to get in such a hurry? 


It is as if urgency and hurry are an escape from where we are now. Feels like leaving a warm, delicious and nutritious meal untouched because we are too busy organizing our next moment, where we will finally be “there” and enjoy “it.”    






This is it! This, right now, you reading these lines, me writing them. The present moment is what’s going on, and unless you slow down to enjoy it, it could pass you by. 

So, enough of ‘what if’s and on to the ‘what now’s. Beauty and art are potent portals to slow us down and smell the roses. Creating space for contemplation and mental digestion alleviates stress and anxiety and significantly increases capacity and productivity. Doing less and achieving more. 


This is why LUAN is an oasis, a creative space constantly offering wonder and awe. Our aim is to host your peace, your calm and feed the inner fire of expansion and reflection. 


Come join us; maybe we are where you belong.