The one with the 'babies in diapers' poster.

analysis decision making dilemmas examples observation sitcom the office Feb 09, 2022

The Office (NBC, 2005 – 2013) is an American sitcom that narrates the lives and the interactions of the different employees working at a paper-selling company's HeadQuarters. The relationships between them, the division between the company's regional and main divisions, and the head of office's shenanigans fuel all funny, alarming, tender, uncomfortable, and creative situations.


We took one situation between characters to exercise our decision-making skills. Listen to the audio and share how it makes you feel and how you would solve it in the comments.




How often have we come across dilemmas that seem unsolvable? Are any dilemmas you've previously experienced coming to your mind's eye?


How often have we been genuinely able to step back, take a better look at things, and identify the root cause of the issue, therefore finding its solution? Our daily lives are full of worthy examples. Let's embrace all different perspectives! Let's be creative! And, why not? Let's laugh as we go!


LUAN, constantly learning.



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