The power of image

art control curation history identity images life narrative podcast power resources tech technology May 20, 2022

“We are also unfinished paintings.” 

- Mariel Rodríguez


The latest LUAN podcast with Mariel Rodríguez was a mind booster. If you miss it, click here and enjoy.


If your neurons and desire are aligned, you could benefit from the next series of resources to expand your reflection and go to new horizons.


What new questions and ideas arise with the triggers below? Please share with us in the comments!


Take the ride!


Pick the one you find curious and let it flow.



‘Since you were born’ (2019) by Evan Roth 


Images of power: Art as a Historiographic Tool by The American Historical Association. 



Dall-e world-changing AI image generator by Fireship 


125 artists create unique renders from a simple prompt by Parallel Dimensions 




The machine gaze: what do we uncover when we look through digital eyes? by Will Wiles in Aeon Magazine. 


‘We Have to Look for Longer’ The curator Sarah Meister on the distinct and meaningful response that war photography can provoke by Sophie Gilbert in The Atlantic 


LUAN, gladly unfinished.


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