Reasons to beautify your screen

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Let's do a thinking exercise together. How many reasons can you find to bring beauty to your screen? We start, and you follow the ideas in the comments.

  1. Reward yourself with something kind to your eyes
  2. Distract your mind from the mundane tasks and usual worries of everyday life
  3. Practice being in the present moment
  4. Learning something intangible to ignite your inner world
  5. Bring fresh ideas into your brain to spark creativity
  6. Lower your stress levels by doing something just for the sake of it
  7. Take advantage of art to smoothly reflect on abstract ideas
  8. Be enticed to try something new and push the comfort zone
  9. Feel good. A good song or beautiful poetry lifts your mood quickly
  10. Open your horizons: discover remarkable stories and journeys around the world
  11. Give a break to your mind with all the scrolling and focus on a piece full of wonder
  12. Be inspired to be yourself and show your inner fire
  13. Have a grasp on reality with different lenses and approaches
  14. Move! Enjoy gorgeous sounds and move your body naturally without expectations
  15. Immerse yourself in new trends and signals about the future of art, society, and humanism
  16. Bring new routines to your daily life. Why don't you start the day with art instead of the worldwide alerts?
  17. Share interesting cultural pieces with your friends and family! Shake up the conversation!
  18. Introduce new material to ruminate during a long and calm walk
  19. Reclaim your time. Set aside a couple of minutes to enjoy something only for yourself
  20. Expand your inspirational network to solve personal and professional challenges


What other reasons can you think of? Share in the comments.

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