Art is transformation


LUAN is a space full of possibility, where you can create a life worth living for:

Art has the power to transform your life and make you feel better.

Art empowers your self-discovery journey, enhancing your power to transform your life and impact the world.

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Breathe Art

LUAN is the world’s first emotional museum. 

Every word we write, every investigation we involve ourselves in, every graphic representation, every message, has the same overall intention: to bring art into your personal treasures so that you may shine and flow.  

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LUAN is the world’s first emotional museum. 

Our devotion to elevation is transparent, born out of a social commitment, and guided by an international team of magnificent expression warriors.  

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LUAN has everything for you!  

Collective exhibitions, Podcast, YouTube Channel, Courses, Membership, and Telegram Channel. 


We intend to bring art into your personal life so that you may shine and flow.


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Show your fire!

We’ve built a playground for you to express yourself creatively. Follow the link to feel it out, find examples, and get the full gist; we are sure your emotional fibers will be turned on.
 Do you ever feel like you are holding back?


Is there something burning inside that might be ready (or even screaming) to see the light?


We definitely know this feeling at LUAN, so we put some words and lines together to make us shine. 
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LUAN Emotional Podcast

Mindfulness, art, reflection & action; weekly conversations for intimate enjoyment.

Our sole purpose is to invite you to stop hiding your talents and letting out that internal light that makes you human.

Emotional Art House

A platform for knowledge, an agora, a hub of developmental tools to keep our expansion going by sharpening our minds, listening to our souls, and integrating habits and avenues in our physical experience. 

Our offering will include online courses varying in format, duration, and nature of the experience.

Inspiration On-demand

Integrate micro-doses of beauty and reflection into your daily life with our subscription offering designed to elevate your mental and emotional state.

Weekly content, access to online courses, community channels, and monthly events with passionate speakers.

The map to our creative mind: a course to awaken your inner genius

The objective of this course is to rewire, reconnect, and heal the link between you and your artistry to boost creativity, problem-solving, and overall artistic expression. We will deep dive into our creative identity mindset, using art to generate transformative ideas.
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Art in your daily life

Invite inspiration and soothing into your life through daily art exposure. This course is intended as a guideline to integrate art into your routine so that you will experience the aesthetic and reflective benefits firsthand.
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LUAN's Youtube Channel

After more than 50 LUAN Live Sessions, our YouTube Channel received a makeover, new editing, and inspiring playlists. Enjoy the shorts and 30’seconds wisdom videos. Subscribe and replay your favorite sessions with our guest speakers who talked about life, art, reflection, and everything in between.

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