Picture the EMOTIONAL ART HOUSE as a platform for knowledge, an agora, a hub of developmental tools to keep our expansion going by sharpening our minds, listening to our souls, and integrating habits and avenues in our physical experience.

Our offering will include online courses varying in format, duration, and nature of the experience. Some of our content is made with love inside LUAN; others have been crafted by our like-minded speakers that have dove deep in their niche and are passionate about sharing the application of their life's knowledge.

Let's go out of our minds and engage with art daily.

Examine our content, and if you resonate with what the courses offer, dive in and join us.

Habitual Art: integrating artistry into your routine. 

Incorporating an oasis of calm and joy in our daily routines is one of the many benefits that regular art exposure can bring to our lives. 

If you are an art appreciator but have not found the time to enjoy this practice, this course is for you.

Feeling more connection, improving the daily quality of our inner self, and allowing new possibilities are some of the side effects of this micro-course. 

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The map to our creative mind: A course to awaken your inner genius

Developing creative confidence is key to engaging with our inner genius.  Idea development, problem-solving, and overall enjoyment are natural results of trusting our creative minds. 

 With this content immersion, you will be ready to start generating ideas through art. We will accompany you with practical videos to put everything into practice. 

✔ Duration: 90 min

Modules: 5

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The jazz of Life. Improvise, adapt, and overcome. 

Upgrade your decision-making process. 

Very much like jazz music, the mastery of being in the moment allows for our capabilities and innate instinct to guide us. 

In this course, participants will experiment with a liberating method for decision-making based on musical analogies, system breakdowns, and sketching.

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The art of you: creating a life with artistry. 

Designed to understand how to express our inner world through art, creativity is directed to know ourselves more profoundly. 

Short meditations, music, and some loose strokes with acrylic color painting on canvas. 

A journey through our own life in the past, present, and future moment, bringing all perceptions here and now to discover how we see ourselves. We'll interconnect the inner and outer world with its "bright and dark side." Sign up if you are looking for some hands-creation of your own life. 

Inspiration On Demand

Weekly exposure to curated content designed to elevate your mental and emotional state. 

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With the TIER 1 subscription, you have access to our Sunday Packages, which include a bunch of art micro-doses for you to explore and integrate. 

TIER 2 subscription includes the Sunday Packages, and in addition, you get access to online courses, monthly events, and our telegram channel which hosts ongoing conversations. 

What customers are saying...

“In today’s landscape of specialists increasingly isolated from one another, LUAN has built a world that connects knowledge, perspectives, and wisdom across diverse communities, geographies, and disciplines in pursuit of shared truth, beauty, wellbeing, personal growth, and ethical transformation.”

Mark Gillespie - Co-CEO and Creative Director of the Orchestra of the Americas Group

Working and collaborating with LUAN has been a beautiful experience. They emanate light and are keeping the generator going for emotional health and mental health advocacy powered up to serve as many people as possible in need. They curate programming that can appeal and work for all backgrounds and ages giving you opportunities and accessibility to expand and learn in every corner. They bring in original thought-leaders in a variety of spaces and are easy to collaborate and work with. They are adding value to people’s lives at a time that is so desperately needed. Thank you LUAN team for all you do. I see you and appreciate your existence.

Meghan Mann, Executive Director for Mitra Manesh / Innermap

"In these times when every discussion seems to include how technology is augmenting capabilities, LUAN comes in with a fresh perspective, augmenting our own humanity and connecting with others in a meaningful way! We enter a new era that will value experiences more than material ownership.  Technology is broadening access to experiences and expanding the options available for well-being, in this context, LUAN engages humans in a range of activities where minds wander to a new set of questions and many paths of possibilities.

Fernando Valenzuela EdTech Investor / EdTech Specialist


Marion Cortina

Founder, curator, and seasoned moderator delivering top-tier experiences within the Interior Design, Scenography, Art, Content, and Innovation industries for over 12 years. Passionate about business aesthetics, she serves as the visual gatekeeper to the brands she's involved with. With a unique balance of hands-on drive and curatorial expertise, she has become known for her ability to not only dream up big ideas but execute them at the highest level of performance.


Yanira Matienzo

Innovation strategist with 17 years of experience designing creative concepts and innovation projects for entrepreneurs, companies, social organizations, and educational institutions. She is a university professor and lecturer who has published several pieces of research. Her main focal points are creativity, imagination, innovation, and future design.

Adán Aguilar y Enrique Siqueiros

Adán and Enrique are philosophers, educators and musicians with more than 15 years of experience helping people to “find their voice”. Their mission is to rehabilitate the use of soft-skills to improve human relationships on a personal, professional and social level. In addition to their activities as university professors and marketing and political advisors, they founded Rétor, a consultancy that combines the pedagogic styles derived from arts -music, storytelling, dancing- and sports -mountain climbing, box, volleyball- to help people become better leaders, communicators and citizens.

Amaya Suarez y Mathew Manwaring

Humble apprentice of the Goddess, member of the Placenta Medicinal Nature Network, and founder of Florecer Desde La Cicatriz collective. Amaya serves as a guide in Sacred Sexuality and Women's Circles. She is a Temazcal therapist, a woman, a mother, and a lover. Deeply connected with the universe of the sublime, ancestral, and elemental medicine, Suarez is committed to her transcendence through service to other women. By using her voice, dance, and hands, she shares the knowledge she understands and explores the great mysteries.

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