Art and fashion design: a creative and emotional roller coaster with Paola Hernández

Temporada #1 Episodio #1

The creation begins in the spirit as an action to satisfy the soul. How do we create space for creative flow? How do we turn our life's questions into answers with artistic expression?

We are proud as a peacock to share with you our first LUAN Emotional Podcast: talking about fashion and spirit.

Paola Hernández (handle IG @paolahernandez) is a philosopher and fashion designer in New York City. She weaves, meditates, mothers, and creates fashion to reflect and answer her most profound questions.

For Paola, fashion manifests collective consciousness and holds great potential for individual liberation. The clothes we wear can empower us, connect us, and remind us of the eternal dance of presence.

Come and eavesdrop in this intimate and delicious conversation about fashion, art, and our soul's journey.