The map to our creative mind: a course to awaken your inner genius



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Top features

  • Modules 5

  •  Resources: content booklets, reflection videos, idea generation techniques, work materials, and additional resources.

  •  Online

  •  Duration: 90 minutes

  •  Students profile: Global

  •  Grades: No

  •  Language: English / subtitles included

  •  Level: Beginner

  •  Certificate: Certificate of completion

  •  Access: for life



Our creative identity, the way we perceive our expressive and resolutive capabilities, is a significant factor in our art health. Our art health is our capacity to engage with our inner genius consistently, in such a way that we experience creative solutions and new avenues to whatever issue we deem necessary. 

The objective of this course is to rewire, reconnect, and heal the link between you and your artistry to boost creativity, problem-solving, and overall artistic expression. We will deep dive into our creative identity mindset, using art to generate transformative ideas.   


1. Uncover your creativity
2. Experimenting: Identity and process intertwined
3. Constructing your creative power
4. Connecting: Creative self, others, and the world
5. Generation of ideas through art as our supply

Who is this course designed for?

All those with a latent desire to enrich and expand the creative capacities of their mind.  
This course is for you:

If you hold a message and feel the need to convey it but don’t know how to articulate it.

If a blank page intimidates you and excites you.

If a blank page intimidates you and excites you.

If you are ready and willing to explore your brain and seize more of its potential.

If you have an inner calling, a thirst, a need to share and communicate.

If you want to understand art as a resource..

These are some of the benefits:

  1. Identify the elements of creative confidence, and pinpoint which of these elements are working for you or against you. 
  2. Recognize the limiting beliefs that are blocking your natural creative process. 
  3. Activate your natural and infinite idea and solution generator. 
  4. Understand the structure of ideas, and learn to apply techniques to construct or deconstruct them. 
  5. Design a compelling structure to present an idea, project, or concept, and test drive it by sharing it with others and receiving feedback. 

To enroll, there are only three prerequisites:

  • A screen with an internet connection

  •  Two total free hours 

  •  A question, a desire, a starting point; a clear intention.   


LUAN is the world’s first emotional museum.  Our devotion to elevation is transparent, born out of a social commitment, and guided by an international team of magnificent expression warriors.   

Every word we write, every investigation we involve ourselves in, every graphic representation, every message, has the same overall intention: to bring art into your personal treasures so that you may shine and flow.  

Member's Praise

"The extraordinary task carried out by LUAN, the first emotional museum, in helping us be the best version of ourselves is to integrate ourselves. LUAN offers us the magic key to access the information that comes to us disassociated: it helps us to integrate what we think, with what we do, and with what we feel at the same time and in the same place. It teaches us the magic of making art in and with our everyday lives."

Susana Balan, psychologist, speaker

"I joined LUAN programs somewhere in 2021, since then it has been an amazing experience. I always look forward to Wednesdays zooming. I specifically loved the arts, poetry, and music sessions. Looking forward to another amazing year with LUAN."

Sara Sarah

"LUAN has been an intimate and special place where we’ve been able to go deeply into ourselves, appreciate art, keep our souls safe, and where we can enjoy life. Thank you, LUAN!"

Lily Santurtun, Mexico

"I’ve learned a lot from LUAN. I love the art of seeking knowledge since I believe that the essence of living lies in what we know and how often we act through what we know."

Alfred James, Sierra Leone

"I’m so glad that the LUAN Emotional Museum exists and takes the time and effort to host a space that influences people from all over the world. Keep on spreading beauty, art, truth, and ethics! This is the balance that we all need."

Care Marcos, Philippines


Marion Cortina

Founder, curator, and seasoned moderator delivering top-tier experiences within the Interior Design, Scenography, Art, Content, and Innovation industries for over 12 years. Passionate about business aesthetics, she serves as the visual gatekeeper to the brands she's involved with. With a unique balance of hands-on drive and curatorial expertise, she has become known for her ability to not only dream up big ideas but execute them at the highest level of performance.

Yanira Matienzo

Innovation strategist with 17 years of experience designing creative concepts and innovation projects for entrepreneurs, companies, social organizations, and educational institutions. She is a university professor and lecturer who has published several pieces of research. Her main focal points are creativity, imagination, innovation, and future design.