Art in your daily life

Artistic consumption and creation are basic human needs that we’ve never been taught to meet. This course is intended as a guideline to integrate art into your routine so that you will experience the aesthetic and reflective benefits firsthand.


$12 USD


+ Online Course
+ 8 Modules
+ Resources: reflection videos, interactive maps, content playgrounds, digital card kit for building routines, and additional resources.
+ Duration: 2 hours
+ Language: English/subtitles included
+ Certificate: Certificate of completion
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“Art in your daily life” is a course designed to cultivate all kinds of wonders in your brilliant mind. This course is for you if you are ready to involve yourself in more interesting conversations, let your contributions be deeper and more meaningful, train your brain to reflect on art, and be drawn to beauty with an informed perspective.


- Art -
What can art do for my mental and emotional wellbeing?
- Moments -
Learn to design artistic moments throughout your day.
- Aesthetic -
Aesthetic stimulation to increase happiness and wonder.
- Routines -
Routine of famous artists and other remarkable individuals.

Who is this course designed for?

People looking to take art seriously, who need help to carve out time and make it a priority.
Those struggling with overwhelm or anxiety, looking for an oasis of calm in their busy schedule.
For anyone looking to connect with themselves in a creative and inspiring manner.

What you will need?


To enroll, there are only three prerequisites:
- You’ll need paper, a pencil, and some basic painting materials. The full list will be delivered upon registration.
- A screen with an internet connection
- Two total free hours
- A question, a desire, a starting point; a clear intention.


Explore your creative capacities
Work through emotional stagnation in a beautiful way
Transform the way you relate to art and start to use it as a tool for well-being

Invite inspiration

and soothing into your life

through daily art exposure


Marion Cortina

LUAN's co-founder. She is a curator and seasoned moderator and has delivered top-tier experiences within the interior design, scenography, art, and innovation industries for over 12 years. Passionate about business aesthetics and a unique balance of hands-on drive and curatorial expertise, she serves as the visual gatekeeper to the brands she's involved with.

Yanira Matienzo

Is an innovation strategist with 17 years of experience designing creative concepts and change-driven projects for entrepreneurs, companies, social organizations, and educational institutions. She is a university professor and published researcher with the main focus on creativity, imagination, innovation, and future design.

Montserrat Armesto

LUAN's content development coordinator. She is an education specialist with 8 years of experience as a curriculum and instructional designer, currently behind the content creation in LUAN's membership 'Micro-dose of beauty.' She is also an entrepreneur with an education service that designs and brings into reality personalized learning and caring experiences directly to your home or business, from nannies to neuropsychologists.

"The extraordinary task carried out by LUAN, the first emotional museum, in helping us be the best version of ourselves is to integrate ourselves. LUAN offers us the magic key to access the information that comes to us disassociated: it helps us to integrate what we think, with what we do, and with what we feel at the same time and in the same place. It teaches us the magic of making art in and with our everyday lives."


Susana Balan - Psychologist & speaker

Why choose LUAN?

LUAN is dedicated to elevating the human experience through art, and we’ve been at it for a while. Our international community, our multi-format content, our world-class contributors, all make for a fantastic option to explore your inner world in a soft and non-invasive manner.